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RockHouse Live is an independent company, and served as the exclusive operations arm for Abbey Road Live US, a division of Capitol/EMI, now fully independent and rebranded to DiscLive Network. The company, born from the original DiscLive, is the continuing pioneer in the market of live discs and media offered to fans immediately after a concert. Therefore, a lot what you read about in these pages transipired over the course of more than one company, but just one team; a team which continues to believe in the evolution of this unique and compelling service.

Proprietary technology
RockHouse Live - and through branding as DiscLive Network - has developed a newer, more effecient proprietary technology that enables the mass-distribution of CDs, DVDs, and other forms of digital media within minutes of the end of a concert. We utilize custom mobile mastering and manufacturing facilities that implement this technology and can make over 1000 units available in just 20 minutes, with the first 200 units being available less than 5 minutes after the last note has been recorded.

RockHouse Live offers a service to artists, labels and other interested parties where we:

  • At client's request, either take a sound board feed, or a multitrack split (recommended) and mix it with ambient microphones to create a professionally mastered recording of the concert.
  • Manufacture the agreed upon number of units immediately following each show and/or make the content available digitally.
  • Take customer orders prior, during and after concert and fulfill those orders at the venue after the concert or by home-shipment depending on the directions of the client and consumer demand.
  • Handle all related back-end technical, operational and accounting matters, such as POS, web-order systems, fulfillment, mechanical licensing, sales taxes, etc.

RockHouse LIve takes pride in high-quality limited edition, and specialized media products. Our hard copy product offerings, such as CDs, are individually numbered, which makes each unit an immediate collectible. This allows our clients to charge a higher premium for the product and also prevents a "glut" of live discs being out in the marketplace. We prefer packaging the product in superior designes such as DigiPak™ covers, which are pre-printed with custom designs authorized or designed by the artist/label. We believe that this model is the most valuable proposition in the long run.

In addition, our clients can use our product as a highly targeted marketing mechanism, including DVDs featuring artist videos, pre-recorded content and other information.

Business Model
We are a service provider to the client. We have a variety of options we can explore, all which result in found money for the client. Most options do not require the artist/label to cover any up-front costs.

Strategic Options
In addition to providing a service, RockHouse Live is also open to strategic discussions ranging from the licensing of our technology and know-how to a wide range of equity related transactions with companies who may benefit from our superior product offerings and market position.

For more information please send an email to info@rockhouselive.com.

Welcome to RockHouse Live!

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